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Elac Debut Reference DBR62: Review

A bit polarizing speaker… but as always, my approach is open-minded, seeking to form my own comprehensive opinion. Let’s delve into it!

Build quality and appearance

The Elac Debut Reference speakers exhibit decent build quality, although not quite on par with competitors like Wharfedale, Triangle, or even Q Acoustics. Notable drawbacks include inexpensive speaker terminals, cheap sticker, a low-quality plastic bezel encasing the mid-woofer, and what appears to be a plastic tweeter grille. The vinyl wrap, while tactilely pleasing, appears somewhat artificial when lightning.

That being said, the overall aesthetics are pleasing, particularly with this light wood finish. It also features very smooth front panel, a stylish chrome surround encircling the mid-woofer and intriguing front bass port. The unconventional tweeter waveguide, though somewhat reminiscent of Monitor Audio, also contributes to its unique appearance.

Sound quality

The Elac Debut Reference offers a sound signature that balances neutrality and darkness with a touch of treble spark. Comparing measurements to my Quadral Platinum+ 2 main speakers, the Elac aligns quite closely to them, leaning towards a neutral sound profile. With that, real-world listening reveals that the Quadral Platinum+ Two has noticeable advantage in terms of power, bass response, and overall liveliness. However, they are not really meant to be compared – it’s essential to remember that these speakers belong to different class.

The treble response of the Elac is surprisingly lively, enhancing sound imaging and effectively separating subtle nuances such as pops and clicks in music. However, the higher frequencies can occasionally sound somewhat budget-oriented, exhibiting a hint of rustling. Nevertheless, this doesn’t lead to listening fatigue, unlike the piercing sharpness found in rivals such as Wharfedale Diamond 12.2s or Bowers & Wilkins 606.

Moving to the midrange, it maintains a generally linear response but carries a hint of muffled character. Vocals, while clear and bold, lack a certain degree of realism. That said, it may be attributed to a lack of seamless integration between the mid-woofer and tweeter, resulting in a less-than-smooth and completely realistic sonic performance.

The Elac offers a well-structured soundstage with appropriate depth and instrument localization. However, there are some limitations in scale and dispersion, which again I feel may be related to the integration issues between its drivers.

As for the bass, it remains even, clean, and full, delivering punchy and relatively deep low frequencies. While the bass response might not be overwhelmingly powerful, it’s not the primary concern; rather other frequency ranges or overall sound profile may leave some listeners wanting more. Critics sometimes describe this speaker as sounding uninspiring and too flat, a sentiment that has some merit.


In summary, the Elac Debut Reference offers a commendable performance, delivering a balanced sound that’s not easily found within its price range. Its cheaper counterpart, the Elac Debut B6.2s, may provide a more energetic but less mature sound. Competitors may offer more “fun” characteristics, such as the warm midrange and accentuated treble of the Wharfedale Diamond 12.2s or the condensed sound profile of the Q Acoustics 3030i.

Considering its unique “reference” balance, I would rate the Elac Debut Reference slightly above these speakers, though giving them the same 4-star rating. I just feel that 4.5-star Bowers & Wilkins 685s or KEF Q150s offer unique traits that remain unmatched, even when compared to my more expensive Quadrals.

In conclusion, Elac has crafted a solid, neutral speaker. However, there’s room for improvement in areas like driver integration, dispersion, and high-frequency quality. With that, given its positioning in the 400-euro price range, the Elac Debut Reference remains commendable and a strong contender among similarly-sized new speakers.


Since 2015 I try to deliver honest, to the point reviews. First on YouTube, then here! Currently, I mainly focus on cameras and Hi-Fi!


Since 2015 I try to deliver honest, to the point reviews. First on YouTube, then here! Currently, I mainly focus on cameras and Hi-Fi!