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Magnat Signature 503 Bookshelf Speakers: Review

First of all, it’s worth noting that 3-way speakers with a retail price of 300 euros are by far not a common find.

Design and build quality

The packaging is notably impressive, with speakers wrapped in an unusually high-quality cloth – a touch you’d typically associate with speakers priced at $1000 or more.

While the outward design of the Signature 503 might not appeal to everyone, without a doubt they stand out thanks to the use of a double-tweeter construction. This unique approach for sure took courage to implement… and to do so with good results – quite a challenge.

In terms of build quality, the Signature 503 is very respectable. The vinyl wrap is smooth and well-crafted, and the speaker terminals on the back, quality bezels, and the Hi-Res audio badge add a touch of sophistication.

Sound quality

From the moment these speakers are turned on, they deliver a sonorous and musical impression. The saturation in the midrange, air-filled vocals, and instrument clarity surprised me. The listening measurements in my room confirm this, particularly highlighting the upper parts of the midrange responsible for vocals.

As anticipated with the double tweeter construction, the Signature 503 leans towards being a bright speaker. Surprisingly, the sound still maintains a balanced quality, avoiding much of the sharpness and fatigue often associated with bright speakers (like in Triangle Borea BR03 or B&W 606).

The details in the sound, combined with airy vocals and saturated mids, create an interesting blend. While a slightly lesser treble would be better, considering the price, it’s a compromise worth making.

Additionally, the Signature 503 provides a sizable soundstage similar to speakers like the Triangle Borea BR03, boasting profound depth, impressive width, and fantastic stereophony – a benefit of its 3-way construction.

Critically, there may be a slight absence of low (lowest) tones, but again, keeping the price in mind, it’s forgivable. The large driver delivers precise and clean bass, even at really high volumes, with an audiophile-like quality.


The Magnat Signature 503 is an excellent speaker with a phenomenal price-to-value ratio. I would confidently rate it 4.5 stars, aligning it with other reputable speakers in the market.

In the realm of entry-level bookshelf speakers I tested to this day (still a few left), the old Bowers & Wilkins 685 and KEF Q150 hold the top spots, followed closely by the Magnat Signature 503. Its expansive scale and vibrant, musical sound set it apart, making it a fantastic choice for the price. It even remind me of the 1000$ Sonus Faber Lumina 2. Not to mention, I think, it is a bit better speaker than Elac Debut B6.2.

While acknowledging slight drawbacks like excessive brightness and a minor lack of depth in lower bass, these are minor considerations compared to the overall performance. If these aspects were improved, the Signature 503 would easily secure the top spot in its class.

For those seeking a powerful sound, pleasant vocals, and clarity, I wholeheartedly recommend the Magnat Signature 503.

But enough of my perspective – share your thoughts in the comments and suggest the next speakers for me to explore in the near future.

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Since 2015 I try to deliver honest, to the point reviews. First on YouTube, then here! Currently, I mainly focus on cameras and Hi-Fi!


Since 2015 I try to deliver honest, to the point reviews. First on YouTube, then here! Currently, I mainly focus on cameras and Hi-Fi!